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Smart Phones Give Users Tech Neck

Smart Phone users are suffering from a new condition called 'Tech Neck.'

Overuse of hand held devices such as smart phones and tablets are leaving men and women with a new wrinkle to one side of the neck formed by repetitive strain.

Skin care experts Caci have reported a huge increase in the numbers of consumers reporting the problem to beauty salons and have developed a specific treatment to counter the issue.

Tech Neck, as it has been called, is a line that has developed around the neck and chin - caused directly by looking down at handheld devices.


Facebook, Twitter and other social media Apps are encouraging users to spend more and more time using mobile devices - and such receptive use is developing the wrinkle.

The condition, known as Tech Neck, has become such a problem skin care experts Caci have introduced specific treatments to combat the problem.

Caci specialise in non-surgical knife free face-lifts and have devised specific treatments for clients wanting to treat laughter lines, crows feet and furrowed browse believe Tech Neck is an increased issue.

Dean Nathanson, Managing Director of CACI international, said: "We noticed a surge in enquiries for our product, specifically to combat lines around the neck area.

"We've identified a correlation between the rise of technology in recent years and the growth of the 'tech neck'.

"So whilst there is little chance of the nation giving up technology, at least we can help people reduce wrinkles and keep their chin up!"

Non-Surgical Face Lift

Loose Women panelist Carol McGiffin revealed in Closer magazine last year that the CACI non-surgical face life procedure was responsible for her new youthful look.

The handheld device strengthens the neck muscles and firms the jawline, so the 'tech neck' may only cause some worry wrinkles for a short time.

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