Guinot Facial

Guinot Facial at Springs Beauty



Hydradermie is a exclusive treatment to guinot that will make your skin youthful and radiant from the very first treatment! Hydradermie "double ionisation" treatments are designed to suit any skin type and is prescriptive to your needs. The positive and negative charges will penetrate the epidermis layer of your skin to allow deep moisturisation. Your skin will appear luminous and rested.

Individual treatment - £48.00

Super Hydradermie

Treatment is as above but also includes eye and neck area.

Individual treatment - £63.00

Hydradermie Eye

For hydrating and nourishing the eye area and includes lymphatic drainage for puffiness, dark circles and sinuses.

Individual treatment - £41.00


This facial will give your face a "lift" effect after just a few sessions! Your skin will appear more toned by your muscles being stimulated in the same way your muscles are "sculpted" at the gym. Your skin will appear younger and smoother. This hydralift treatment can also be shortened and we can concentrate on any specific area such as the eyes.

Individual Treatment - £63.50

Course of Five Treatments - £285.00

Hydraclean - £26.00

Our Guinot deep cleansing treatment to help clear and refine your skin! The thermo clean heated electrode diffuses a gentle heat to the skin to help remove excess sebum and toxins. The skin becomes breathable and clearer.

Individual treatment - £26.00

Beauté Neuve

The beaute neuve treatment utilizes fruit acid and vitamin c in a resurfacing peel to eliminate dead cells and illuminate the skin! it helps to reduce pigmentation, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and brightens the skin.

Individual Treatment - £48.00

Course of Three Treatments - £130.00


To firm and tighten the skins natural features, a unique treatment method combining firming and rgenerating active ingredients with a masque to diffuse heat to improve penetration and cell activity. Your skin will appear younger and lifted.

Individual Treatment - £54.00

Course of Three Treatments - £150.00

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