Decleor Facial Treatments

Decleor Facial at Springs Beauty



A multi-vitamin treatment with a surprising texture helps to comfort, nourish and relax your skin using 100% natural flax seeds, wheat germ and sunflower seeds.

Individual treatment - £55.00

Aroma Expert Nourish

Designed to suit dry and dehydrated skin types, this deeply nourishing treatment replenishes lost moisture and reinforces the skins barriers function.

Individual treatment - £55.00

Expert Purify

An intensive balancing treatment for oily and combination skin types that will leave your skin clearer, luminous and more refined.

Individual treatment - £55.00

Expert Soothe

This amazing calming treatment for sensitive skins will bring immediate comfort to stressed skin. With the cooling effect, your epidermis is soothed leaving your skin rebalanced and smooth.

Individual treatment - £55.00

Aroma Excellence

This ultimate anti-ageing facial stimulates collagen productions to recharge the skin to give a firmer, plumper look.

Individual treatment - £80.00

Aroma Massage

Prescriptive facial for your skin type including a deep pressure point massage and drainage to the skin.

Individual treatment - £48.00

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