DermaQuest Facial

DermaQuest Facial


DermaQuest Facial Massage

Our fully qualified therapists provide a complimentary consultation and skin analysis to create a specific treatment program designed to suit you and your needs.

Each complimentary consultation takes 45 minutes but it essential to provide clients with the best treatments. Consultations must be conducted one week prior to the first treatment.

Course treat age management, age prevention, pigmentation and acne management and are designed to cleanse, nourish and protect your skin for sustainable results.

It uses strong vitamins glycolic, salysicic and lactic acid, peptides, retinols and stem cells.

Individual Treatment - £85.00

Course of Six Peels (including home care kit) - £450.00

Retinol Sweep

This can be included to enhance resurfacing results.

Individual Treatment - £10.00

Mini Pumpkin Polish

No preparation time required.

Individual Treatment - £60.00

Course of Three Treatments - £150.00

DermaQuest Brightening Facial

Individual Treatment - £60.00

Course of Three Treatments - £150.00

Retinol Facial

This age management treatment requires 15 minutes. This can follow Microdermabrasion treatment.

Individual Treatment - £30.00

Retinol Facial

Treatment includes Microdermabrasion and requires 30 minutes.

Individual Treatment - £45.00

Course of Three - £120.00

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