Decleor Body Treatments


Body Polish

A deep exfoliation treatment to your body and face for all skin types to remove all dead skin cells leaving your skin feel smooth, revitalised and hydrated.

Individual Treatment - £38.00


Indulge in this face and body treatment including a comforting tummy mask that helps to reduce the risk of stretch marks plus a draining massage to reduce water retention.

A skin-brightening facial will also ensure you look as glowing as you feel!

(Suitable for pregnancies over 12 weeks)

Individual Treatment - £58.00

Oressence Energy - Ultimate Face and Body Treatment

The ultimate face and body experience includes a power packed mask for face using vitamins  on a ann-oxidants and the signature aromatherapy full body massage.

Individual Treatment - £70.00

Aroma Detox

Break down fatty deposits, drains toxins and eliminates water retention.

Individual Treatment - £58.00

Aroma Relax

Gentle exfoliation, aromatic relax balm is smoothed over the body followed by a creamy mask.

Individual Treatment - £58.00

Aroma Flow

A refreshing and energising treatment to eliminate toxins and remove excess fluid.

Individual Treatment - £58.00

Aroma Tonic

Increases the skins radiance with a unique blend of toning and firming products.

Individual Treatment - £58.00

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